#1848 Ability to use Custom Strings in Reference Fields


I've used the search and couldn't easily find any topic related to this.

This is just a feature request for reference fields to be able to use custom fields.

maybe something like

{REF:O:Custom Field@I:5555555d55d55d55d55d55d55d55d5d55d5}

If the custom field doesn't exist then it would simply copy and paste nothing and or a sting like:

Reference found no Custom Field: name_of_field

Or rather you can always keep it as it is now where it would just paste the reference code as it does now when the reference doesn't work.


  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-04-09

    The documentation of the limitation is at: http://keepass.info/help/base/fieldrefs.html

    "Referencing fields of other entries only works with standard fields, not with custom user strings. If you want to reference a custom user string, you need to place a redirection in a standard field of the entry with the custom string, using {S:<Name>}, and reference the standard field."

    I agree the feature would be nice, but suspect that there is some complication that precludes implementation.

    Last edit: wellread1 2014-04-09
  • MarsXmc

    MarsXmc - 2014-04-11

    Oh haha, sorry for not being clear. I've seen that on the main website. If I understand correctly that means if I wanted to use a custom string in another entry I would first have to make that custom sting be reference in say the password field of the first entry and then do a reference to the password field of that entry in the second entry.

    That's a bit overkill and defeats the purpose. I assume that it is planned to be implemented in the future but I didn't find any reference to it even being part of future project so that's why I opened a ticket. I hope that was the alright thing to do.

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-04-11

    If you are interested in exploring alternatives to field references to solve a particular problem you can post a description of you problem in discussion or help.

    Given that the limitation has been specifically noted in the documentation (and therefore considered), and the fact field references create unmanaged cross-links between entries that complicate user management of entries, I wouldn't anticipate a speedy implementation of this feature unless a very compelling use case can be made.


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