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Many, if not most of KeePass options are not self-explanatory, at least not for most people.

A lot of wasted time is spent finding answers to what some of these options do. It would be ideal to provide some type of context sensitive help for each option setting.

For example, I recently transferred all my data to a new computer. During the transfer I had to reinstall KeePass, and reconfigure software when installing latest version. For reasons I dont understand, every time I swamp windows from KeepPass, it automatically locks. Dont know which option to disable that feature.


  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-04-09

    The lock Workspace settings are all found in Tools>Options>Security. If one of these lock workspace 'after' or 'when' settings is set inappropriately, it can cause KeePass to lock at inopportune times. Try un-checking all of them, then add them back gradually until you identify which one is causing the problem.

    The 'Lock workspace when minimizing main window' is also affected by KeePass settings that cause KeePass to minimize the Main Window after some event. The minimize settings are in Tools>Options>Interface(tab)>Main Window(section) or Tools>Options>Advanced(tab)Start and Exit(section).

    Some settings that could be responsible for your issue are

    1. A short time in the 'Lock workspace after KeePass inactivity (seconds)' or
    2. A combination of 'Lock workspace when minimizing main window' and 'Minimize main window after copying data to the clipboard'
    • JC1

      JC1 - 2014-04-09

      Found the problem.

      Options > Interface > Main Window > [x] Minimize main window after copying data to the clipboard.

      Thank you.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-04-09

    Context sensitive help takes a lot of time and effort and KeePass is really a one man show with a little volunteer help. It would be really nice to have it, but I don't think we could persuade anyone to put in the effort.

    cheers, Paul

    • JC1

      JC1 - 2014-04-09

      I agree, I know all too well the time and effort involved, especially in when its a one man show, and little volunteer help.

      Nevertheless, I think it would add an incredible value to your software.

      Suggestion, can you export to a file the option menu configuration options in plain text format?


      Option > Security > Main Window:
      Close button [X] minimizes main window instead of terminating the application.
      Minimize to tray instead of taskbar.

      Option > Security > Entry List:
      Automatically resize entry list columns when resizing main window.

      If so, once you have been able to successfully export same, an online form can be relatively quickly made asking volunteers for, feedback, and help in creating an online context sensitive help.


      KeePass Options Menu Configuration Context Sensitive Help Suggestions

      Tab Title: [<Select one="">] (Dropdown box)
      Section Title: [<Select one="">] (Dropdown box)
      Option Title: [<Select one="">] (Dropdown box)

      Tab Title Suggestion: [Text box… ] (Character limit?)
      Section Title Suggestion: [Text box… ] (Character limit?)
      Option Title Suggestion: [Text box… ] (Character limit?)

      [Submit Button]

      Let users submit propose suggestion for each; tab, section, and option.

      Or better yet, create one Discussion Topic for each option so users can submit suggestions, and exchange ideas.

      Eventually, it will get done by others and all you have to do is copy and paste, and edit a little.

      But most important, you must wrap a link around each option in the option screen to its corresponding online discussion thread. People will click on the link expecting to read a help regarding that particular option. At which time you can display either "No help available at this time for this particular option." or Ask for help ala Wikipedia, give them a quick free/donation/one-man spiel and ask them if they mind contributing in the creation of the help file.

      Oh, dont forget to post you own all content, etc... spiel.

      Just a suggestion.

      I would not mind contributing a little if there was a mechanize was of doing it, similar to mozilla.



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