#1787 Lock workplace doesn't work if edit window is open (2)


In response to https://sourceforge.net/p/keepass/feature-requests/1786/

In the FAQ is written: When Windows is locked and a KeePass sub-dialog is opened, the KeePass workspace is not locked.This simple concept avoids all the problems above. The user is responsible for the state of the program.

I don't want be rude, but if user should be responsible why don't let him the chance to choose behaviour he wants.
It may be somewhere in advanced options:
If edit window is open
- Do not lock workplace (default)
- Do not save the database and lock
- Save the database and lock

Please consider adding this settings. Thanks in advance.


  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-09-13

    This has been discussed at length and the developer has decided that this is the way it will work. Please respect his decision.

    p.s. Please don't open multiple tickets, use the existing.

    cheers, Paul

  • palo

    palo - 2013-09-14

    Paul, thank you for answer. I just reacted to explanation written in FAQ.

    The day before yesterday I found my customer sitting behind my computer. And yes, I forgot close the edit window, so he could read every password he want. It was my fault but if there was suggested functionality it wouldn't happened.
    At home we also share two notebooks, and I don't want reveal my passwords accidentaly.
    Nobody is perfect and it is easy to leave the edit window opened. I think security in such a program is important. And in my opinion it is quite big security hole.

    So I would be really happy if those settings could be added.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-09-14

    You will have to remain unhappy.

    cheers, Paul

  • LabanO

    LabanO - 2013-10-22

    From what I have seen of Keepass so far, it seems to be a great product.

    But having a dialog box preventing the work space from ever locking is a huge security risk - it could potentially lead to the whole password database being compromised just because one forgot to exit out of the dialog box. Yes, it would be carelessness, but in a busy environment, it does happen.

    In some scenarios, high security outweighs potential loss of unsaved password data.

    Please add an option so that the user can choose how to handle unsaved data, per the original request above.

  • Rustam Abdullaev

    Can't the edit dialog be auto-closed if no edits were performed i.e. nothing was changed? I often open entries to copy-paste some info, I rarely edit the entries. Still, the dialog stays open forever.

    • wellread1

      wellread1 - 2014-08-12

      The KPEnhancedEntryView plugin may be helpful for your situation because it opens all the data on an entry's Advanced & Properties tabs, and the Notes field for use (e.g. copy & paste) in the KeePass entry pane without needing to open the Add/Edit dialog.

      Also, custom fields can be copied, without a plugin, from the KeePass view pane by right clicking on an an entry and selecting 'Copy String' from the context menu.

      Last edit: wellread1 2014-08-12
  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts - 2015-01-22

    Really like Keypass, use it on all my devices .. but.. my only issue (longstanding) is regarding it not locking when a sub-dialog is open.

    I agree with above comments that Keypass should still lock, I too have often returned to my workstation to find the sub-dialog still open.

    ideally either:
    i) If no changes then definately lock
    ii) Loose the changes being made or
    iii) options available to allow your preference of what action to take.

    Largely my password list is stable and only subject to small incremental changes, so the loss of a minor edit is far preferable to someone noticing a password app open

    If I modify or create a new entry, I close the sub dialog, but often I am looking at the 'Notes:' in the Edit entry and then alt-tabbing to the other application forgetting to close that sub dialog.

    I will have a look at the KPEnhancedEntryView plugin (as a workaround), thanks wellread1.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2015-01-22

    The Notes can be viewed / copied without editing the entry. KPEnhancedEntryView is best for viewing custom fields - you would otherwise need to edit the entry.

    cheers, Paul


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