#1737 Add column(s) to autotype entry selection


Suggest adding another column and / or clarifying current Title column in autotype entry selection UI.

On a 2 or more page logins, where titles of each page DON'T match, if create custom Window Target / sequences for the 1st login page, 2nd, etc., AND if other entries exist w/ same page title, Keepass 2.22 only shows MAIN title from the entry in the autotype entry selection UI.

Login P.1 title is MyBank.
2nd login page title is Sign-on.
I create a KP entry titled MyBank.
Under autotype, I enter 2 target windows / sequences:

1) MyBank; {username}{enter}
2) Sign-on; {password}{enter}

Another entry exists in the DB w/ title (somewhere) of Sign-on.

In pop up autotype entry selection, AFTER successfully autotyping on login P.1 & now P.2 is focused, the autotype selection still shows "MyBank" under the "Title" column, but the SEQUENCE for page titled, "Sign-On." It's mixing & matching.

It's no longer on the "MyBank" login page, yet it still shows that title.
IF... the UI is enlarged enough AND if you look closely at the sequence shown (& remember what it should be), it shows PW + Enter sequence (often, that's cut off).

It'd be much clearer to add a column in entry selection - to instantly see which one to pick (especially if several exist).

One Title column - "Entry Title" (title in main KP entry) & associated sequence.
Another Title column - "Page Title" (showing values at least for entries w/ target windows entries) & associated sequence. (or something similar)

Logically, if you create 2 target window sequences under 1 KP entry, after it autotypes the 1st entry correctly & lands on another page, w/ title matching another custom target window ("Sign-On") & sequence in THAT entry's autotype target window, KP shouldn't have much doubt that it's the correct "Sign-on" window.

Additional / clarified column titles, along w/ another feature requested - to sort the autotype entry selection columns, would make things much clearer at a glance.


  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-06-02

    Slight modification on suggested autotype entry selection column titles.
    One Title column - "KP Entry Title" - (or similar) clarifies easily, this is the title from the main KP entry.

    Another Title column - "Page Title_current" (or similar)

    For multi page logins, data on the SAME line, under the 2 respective Title columns & others, clearly show the current page title & sequence go with the main KP entry title (both titles being shown at the same time, on same line).

    Additional columns, clarified column titles & data on the same line, leaves little doubt / no interpretation needed, for multi page or multi step logins, as to which 2nd, 3rd, nth target window title goes with the INITIAL KP entry, JUST used to begin a login process.


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