#1673 Export by tag to allow specialized kdbx for distribution to select group of users.


We have a central repository of passwords. Users regularly send the entries that are not yet listed and these are added in a tree. Also, tags are given to establish what the entry is for.

For example:
What company (ACME, IBM, General Electric).
What function role in the company (finance, purchasing, systemadministration, marketing).

Currently we can use 'Show Entries by Tag' which results in a flat list. This flat list can be exported.

It would be even better when:
1. You could say: 'Show Entries by Tag(s)' and then specifiy Company (such as 'IBM') and function role ('finance'). This would export all entries for finance people at IBM needed for their work.
2. The tags also to be specified when doing Export as a filter. Then you would not get a flat list, but a nice structured view with some entries left out and empty groups collapsed.


  • patrick

    patrick - 2013-02-13

    Same problem here. I am a development manager and I had like to distribute a set of keys to my coworkers on a per group basis (each person has a different set of projects for specific customers). The above solution would also fit our company needs.

  • alexanderino

    alexanderino - 2014-05-16

    I would like to express my desire for this functionality as well.

    Ideally, a trigger can be created with which entries matching a tag (or tags) will be exported to a specified database.

    In addition, it would also prompt to set this database's password [currently, exported databases have the same password as the master database, and have to be manually loaded, changed, and saved].

    Kindly devote some thought to this, as it would automate a lot of the management process :-)



  • ELT

    ELT - 2017-03-25

    I would definetely appreciate the functionality too to save a subset of entries that meet certain filter criteria to a new database

    Helpful when:
    save a subset to a mobile phone via tags or "name contains ..."
    data that has poor pw strength
    pws not changed for a long time
    by user name
    * by website

    I searched the keepass site and the plugins site and could not find a feature - only a workaround:

    1. when you select records and use File/ export ... -> all records of the database are exported
      2. when you select records and right click / selected entries ... / Export.. ONLY the selected entries are exported.

    makes sense, but is kind of hard to figure out.
    Maybe you can al least add "Export selected entries ..." in the Fiile menu ?

    Thanks for picking this up !


    Last edit: ELT 2017-03-25
  • Paul

    Paul - 2017-03-27

    Currently you can choose exports by tag if you do it in a trigger, but not easily if you do it by File > Export. Hopefully the filter will be added to the File > Export item.

    cheers, Paul

  • Guido Leenders

    Guido Leenders - 2017-03-27

    I've created the request four years ago. We have integrated it into our SQL engine, so I can now run queries such as:
    select * from entities(:file, :password)@keepass

    Gives a workaround for this limitation.


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