#1666 Per Entry Password Templates/Rules

Mark V

Websites and systems have different password restrictions. I always "max out" a password when I create one. Password Templates help in supporting the different rules. However the current design starts to break down when you have a large number of passwords rules to maintain. As an IT professional, I have several hundred system, forum, support account, website, e-tailer, and personal credentials to track.

Most sites/systems have different password rules. Even different Unix systems in the same data-center have different rules. This prevents me from creating a "mixed case 12 charterers" rule that is used by 50 entries the way the current design seems geared towards. Instead, with the current design, I have to save a unique password template for every entry with a template name related to the entry. For example "Acme support Acct", "American Express Site", etc. That results in hundreds of password templates. When refreshing a password I have to scroll through a long drop down list to find the necessary password template. Not the end of the world; but also not user friendly or convenient.

It would be much easier if the password rule could be save as part of the entry and not to a single list. Then renewing a password would be much simpler and quickly.

Thanks for writing and maintaining such an awesome and useful tool.


  • Paul

    Paul - 2012-12-08

    Generating a new password based on the original goes some way to fulfilling your needs.
    Unfortunately the change is a change to the database format - the password rules are stored in the KeePass config file - so it may not happen.

    cheers, Paul

  • Eric Siegerman

    Eric Siegerman - 2014-05-09

    [#1399] offers another approach to this: store in each entry the name (or UUID?) of the profile to use. That way, the storage of the profiles themselves doesn't have to change.



    Feature Requests: #1399

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