#1629 Add the length of the password to the UI


There's currently no way to see how long a password is. It would be helpful to show the length of the current password instead of having to count the characters manually. Perhaps it could be added to the bits in the quality field, so ### Bits / ### chars.

A few use cases where this would help are when the default length is too long for a site's password restrictions, or when a site changes their password requirements and I want to see if the password is as long as is allowed.


  • Dan

    Dan - 2012-07-25

    Thanks for the pointer.

  • Kyle

    Kyle - 2013-07-26

    That other thread was wordy, long-winded, and covered multiple topics. I like the screen shot provided by the original poster here. :D I would VERY much like to stop counting characters by hand when creating passwords (especially when not using the password generator). This is the #1 improvement I look for when I get a new version of Keepass. I came here today to suggest the same thing.

  • Dan

    Dan - 2013-07-26

    Me too. Every time I see there's a new KeePass release I check the changelog to see if this improvement was added. I'm still hoping :)

  • Kyle

    Kyle - 2013-11-04

    Extremely disappointed this NEEDED feature wasn't addressed in 2.24. I will still need to manually count passwords or stick them into word editors to see if they meet specific length criteria. A shame they do not address the oversight in the user interface.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-11-04

    Kyle, the developers are not "they", they are "him" and he has plenty to do without adding all the features that have been requested.
    As this is still an open request I'm sure something will be done eventually.

    cheers, Paul

  • Kyle

    Kyle - 2013-11-04

    Thanks for the info, Paul. It's hard to be intimately familiar with all the projects out there and I did not know this project has only one developer. Sometimes "we" feel "they" are not listening and we have to scream to get their attention. I'll try to be patient in waiting for this essential improvement.

    Last edit: Kyle 2013-11-04
  • Kyle

    Kyle - 2014-04-14

    2.26 is out and we still cannot see the length of our password. I wish we, the users, could get the priority of this needed enhancement increased. This should be a fast, easy upgrade that will greatly improve the functionality of Keepass. PLEASE! We NEED THIS!
    Thanks in advance,

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2014-04-17
    • status: open --> closed
  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2014-04-17

    I've implemented this now. The estimated password quality (in bits) is now displayed on the quality progress bar, and right of the quality progress bar the length of the password is displayed.

    Here's the latest development snapshot for testing:

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Kyle

    Kyle - 2014-04-17

    I tried it, and it works perfectly. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!

  • Dan

    Dan - 2014-04-17

    Dominik - this is fantastic! I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I literally had a dream about this feature once. So in a literal sense, you have made dreams come true :)

    Thanks for everything you do to maintain KeePass.


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