#1626 Per-database locking/behavior


I would like to see the lock workspace on minimize/inactivity/suspend/etc. features made database-specific. i have a personal db for passwords and an ssh keys db (that i use with the ssh plugin KeeAgent). the ssh keys db is protected by windows account only and i want it to always be unlocked if it is open so my ssh client can access it. the personal db is protected by normal password and i would like for it to be locked unless it is in use directly [e.g. i'm looking up a password]. this is how i used to operate, with the application starting with windows, remembering the last used database, and starting locked and minimized. adding the second database into the mix has forced me to either keep my main database unlocked or add another step to use the ssh/pageant integration provided by the plugin.

I currently open both databases with triggers, supplying a "password" (the windows account) to the ssh keys database, and no password to my personal database. this results in a login window every time i start windows. if i enter my password, my personal database remains unlocked. if i cancel out, BOTH databases are locked.


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