#123 Turn off Icons in Win32 and PPC

Jim R

I've seen some requests for the addition of icons, or for
allowing the creation of custom icons, but I'd rather see
an option to turn the icons off all together.

When running on the Pocket PC, the icons take up too
much valuable space that could be better used for
actually reading the passwords 'Title' entries and not
wasted on the graphic.

And, overall, the icons don't provide (for me) any
additional value. All the icons that currently exist don't
seem to match up well with the types of passwords I'm
saving .... so they become more of a distraction than

And, I don't see any value (again, for me) to build
special icons for all the different categories I'm using ...
just using text seems to work just fine for me.

So, like there are some options in the Interface (GUI)
setup, I'd like to suggest the option of turning on/off
the use of icons in the Category and Passwords areas.

For others the icons may be of value, for me I'm finding
they just create more clutter.

Thanks for at least considering my input.
Great program. I've been using PasswordSafe for a
long time, but have found your features much more

And, I very much appreciate that Doncho Angelov has
maintained a Pocket PC version. This is one area that is
driving me away from PasswordSafe ... I've grown tired
of waiting for any PPC updates that would support the
new (version 2) file format of PasswordSafe.


  • Anonymous - 2004-09-29

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    I agree. Unless the Icons are configurable I would rather
    dispense with them.

  • Jim R

    Jim R - 2004-09-29

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    I've been using KeePass even more now with some of the
    improvements added in 0.97, and would continue to encourage
    an option to disable the icons all together.

    To be very specific in my thinking: I don't use them, the
    words I use for the password groups mean more to me than the
    icons, and I don't think I'll ever edit/configure my own
    icons ... so, I'd rather just see them turned off, they just
    take up space in the GUI.

  • Hal Rottenberg

    Hal Rottenberg - 2004-10-05

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  • Jim R

    Jim R - 2006-03-28

    Logged In: YES

    Is there any update as to whether or not any portions of
    this feature request are being considered (turn off icons
    and/or make them configurable) ... my question is now
    specific to the Win32 version, as Doncho is not actively
    working the PPC version.

    I'm using this application more and more through my everyday
    life (because it's that good), and have learned through my
    usage that I have absolutely no need for the icons that just
    take up space in the GUI.


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