DataBaseBackup for multiple KeePasses and different backup folders

Alex Werz
  • Alex Werz
    Alex Werz


    I noticed a weird behaviour of the DataBaseBackup-Plugin. We are using KeePass at my job to store all the passwords on a central network drive. To make sure that no one breaks anything we are using the DataBaseBackup-Plugin to store a backup on said networkdrive.
    Additionally I am using KeePass on my USB stick to store my private passwords. My stick installation also uses the DataBaseBackup-Plugin to make backups onto my stick.

    The weird thing is: If I am at work the backups are always saved onto the network drive. If I change the path in my Stick-KeePass to backup onto my stick the path is also changed in the Network-KeePass.
    It seems as if the backup path is stored somewhere central like the registry thus making it impossible to have a dedicated backup path for each KeePass installation or per KeePass-Database.

    Has anyone else been able to solve this issue?


  • Paul

    It seems that the plug-in stores its settings in a .config file and you can probably only have one of those. Running KeePass from a different directory may work, alternatively use a different backup plug-in for you own database.

    cheers, Paul