Backup to Flashdrive

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I load Program and database file of Keepass to a flash drive and then encrypt it on my flash.
    I am able to start the program, but cannot see the password database file on the flashdrive. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      So you copy your database and encrypt with some other software?
      Keepass has an encryptions inside itself, you probably know that. So no need to encrypt database with some software separately, it's encrypted already and protected with your password.
      I keep my passwords on my flash drive, I simply copied the directory on keepass to flashdrive, no external encryption needed, it's pretty silly because keepass can't read it' database file=)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Actually the encryption take place by the jumpdrive program (lexar) then I back it up to my flash drive. Once I open my secure partition on the flashdrive, it is not seen by the keepass program so I am unable to open the database file.

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-12-18

      Remove the encryption, you don't need it for KeePass.

      cheers, Paul


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