Long time user, just now learning Auto-Type and can't get it to work

  • Adrian Nagle

    Adrian Nagle - 2013-06-12

    I've been using KeePass for many years, and just use the contextual menu to Auto-Type, and in this specific case, manually copying/pasting username and password on a two page login.

    The global hot key does not work, and I can't seem to create the proper steps for two page login.

    The global hot key is currently set to ctrl + alt + A. Was able to change to another key and back to this setting, but pressing this combination on my Windows 7 machine does not appear to do anything. How do I debug this?

    The reason I'm trying the hot key is to automatically login to https://www.penfed.org/

    I created the following:
    Auto-Type-Window: PenFed Banking
    Auto-Type-1: {PASSWORD}{ENTER}
    Auto-Type-Window-1: PenFed Online

    I figured out the 11 tabs to place the cursor in the username field, and the auto-type will fill it in and get to the next page if I use the contextual menu for this password listing. In the next page, the cursor is already in the password field, but nothing happens in my case. I'm wondering if I somehow do not understand the Auto-Type-Window and so the hot key does not recognize the web page, and the second step also does not recognize the web page title.

    I use Chrome, and pulled out text for the tab in the first case, and the second case "PenFed Online" is the entire page title.



  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2013-06-12
    1. The auto-type Window Title requires a wild card if you do not use the complete window title. (e.g. PenFed Online*).

    2. Each page requires that you press the global auto-type key. On the second page, press the global hot key when the cursor appears in the password field.

    3. Verify that you understand how auto-type works by creating a simple auto-type into Notepad.

    Are you using KeePass 1.x or 2.x?

    P.S. I can't examine the second page of the login because the 1st page verifies the username and I didn't guess a valid one.


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