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Using different KeePass.ini files

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Dear all,

    we store our database on a network drive.

    When sitting in my home office, I'd like to start the 600 KB KeePass.exe from my local Drive C:, but use the KeePass.ini and Database file from the network drive.

    Database is no problem, just add to the command line

    But how to tell KeePass to use the INI file from the network drive instead of the local drive.

    My goal is to avoid the download of 600 KB, but use a common INI file with my colleagues

    Many thanks


    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-10-22

      KeePass uses the ini file located with the KeePass executable, if that is not available and the directory is write protected, it uses the local users' data directory to store the file.

      I would try deleting the ini file from the local KeePass program directory, making the directory read only and copying the ini file from the network to %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\KeePass.

      See "My Options aren't saved" in the help file.

      cheers, Paul

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Paul,

      I'm aware of what you wrote. But that doesn't solve the problem. I want to share the INI file with my colleagues, therefore it has to be on the network.

      Only solution I can think of is to have the INI file as a command line parameter when Keepass starts.

      Many thanks

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What about if you change the Working directory of KeePass Shortcut?

      • Dominik Reichl

        Dominik Reichl - 2006-10-27

        That won't work. KeePass calculates the location of the INI file based on the location of the EXE, not based on the working directory.

        Best regards

    • Steve Davis

      Steve Davis - 2006-11-02

      Ummm, why not just run the Keepass exe FROM the network share?  Wouldn't that use it's INI file?


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