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KeePass 2.24 does not load plugins on openSUSE 13.1

  • Sean Sloane

    Sean Sloane - 2014-01-13

    KeePass 2.24, KeeFox 1.3.0b1 on my OpenSUSE 13.1, KDE 4.12, Kernel 3.11.6, Mono 3.0.6 from OSS 13.1 repository, Firefox 26. I was using LastPass prior to this but decided I didn't like having my passwords in the cloud... I manually installed KeePass as recommended by you as opposed to using the repository as it installs KeePass in /usr/bin/ and /usr/lib/, etc. I couldn't get KeePass to work at all then... KeePass is working now but I cannot get it integrated with Firefox.

    I have posted this question to the KeeFox forum but based on the answers from "luckyrat", I am posting this to you now.

    Luckyrat asked: "Another thing to look at specific to v1.3 would be the connections listed in KeePass / Tools / KeePassRPC options / Authorised clients (you should see KeeFox in there with a connected checkbox enabled)."

    My response: "I don't have any KeePassRPC options in either the KeeFox Options or KeePass > Tools. What I do have are:
    - Generate Password
    - Generate Password List
    - TAN Wizard
    - Database Tools
    - Triggers...
    - Plugins...
    - Options... (there are just options with tick boxes here)

    I don't have any plugins listed if I select that option even though I have the following plugins in my ~/KeePass/plugins
    They are loading because when I add a plugin to this folder and launch KeePass again, it parses the plug-in... "

    The Luckyrat again: "If the plugins are not listed in the KeePass / Tools / Plugins dialog then they are not loaded. KeePass is obviously finding them if it displays the message about compiling the plugins but if they are not in that list, the compilation failed.

    That should display an error message but there might be some circumstances where that doesn't work.

    I suspect that your system has a faulty or incomplete version of Mono installed on it. There are various forum posts both here and on the main KeePass forum which discuss the problem but the end result is that you'll probably have to install extra Mono components or either upgrade or downgrade the version of Mono you have installed."

  • David Lechner

    David Lechner - 2014-01-13

    There is a bug in Mono 3.0.x where plgx plugins will not compile correctly. The resulting dll that is produced is missing essential information and KeePass will not recognize it.

    Your options are to upgrade or downgrade Mono or compile the plugins on a different system (Windows or different Mono version) and copy the resulting files from the plugin cache to your KeePass folder. I have done this for KeeFox/KeePassRPC, but not for other plugins.

    Dominik, you should add a note on the KeePass 2.x system requirements that plgx type plugins will not work on Mono 3.0.x.

    Last edit: David Lechner 2014-01-13

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