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DataBaseBackup Plugin Screen Disappears ??

  • TonySaprano

    TonySaprano - 2012-06-19

    When I exec Keepass 2.19 and DataBaseBackup plugin… The DataBaseBackup plug screen comes up but then it disappears to the taskbar. It use to work fine but now I've got a problem. I can click on "backup db now" and it will save it but the DB screen will disappear.

    I'm thinking it's a DLL problem vs DataBaseBackup or could it be a Keepass config problem ? I tried a restore to a earlier time to see if I could eliminate the problem. That didn't work…Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thx

  • TonySaprano

    TonySaprano - 2012-06-20

    Oops..I found the "always on top" to be the problem.


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