KeePass will not work

  • Mike

    Mike - 2014-07-19

    I have installed KeePass 2.27, entered a lot of passwords and saved to file, all in accord with the tutorial. I have tried to log in to a number of the sites but none of the sign in details are filled in. I use Google Chrome but tried in Internet Explorer to no avail. I have also installed the Chrome KeePass extension but that made no difference either. What am I doing wrong.

  • develop1

    develop1 - 2014-07-19

    drill into /tools/options/intergration
    confirm a keystroke combination exists for "autotype selected entry"
    something such as "shift ctrl A"

    with the above done
    I am assuming that in at least one (possibly all)
    of your records you have alreay performed data entry for that records
    username field, password field, and url field.

    your now looking at keepass's main page.
    Probably have your folder view on the left and a window of records for that folder on the right.

    lets test an entry.

    single click/Highlight one of your records.

    manually launch notepad.

    now do your hot key for "autotype selected entry" in this writing thats "shift ctrl A".

    you should experience the autotype occur,
    typically that will be your username a tab and your password.

    if anything about what you saw occur seemed wrong then
    go back to keepass and edit that record.

    If the issue was the username or password itself then fix the data entry
    on the "entry" tab.
    If the issue formatting/sequence then go over to the "autotype" tab
    and fix the format to be used.

    For example:
    {DELAY=35}{UserName}{TAB}{DELAY 500}{Password}

    the above autotype says:
    - spitout the characters of the username/password with a 35 millisecond delay between characters.
    - issue the username first
    - then a tab key
    - wait 500 milliseconds
    - issue the password.

    once your are happy with your notepad testing of the record

    go back to keepass.
    it helps to know:
    double click title field edits that record.
    double click username field puts username into clipboard for "x" seconds.
    double click password field puts password into clipboard for "x" seconds.
    double click url field launches the associated program/website.

    so if you double click the url field and it takes you to that website
    put your cursor in the username field and hit "shift ctrl A".
    Assuming your notepad testing was correct you should get logged in without issue.

    There are ways to define autotyping wherein one does not start from the keepass record but the above is straight forward method to get you started.

  • Mike

    Mike - 2014-07-19

    Thanks autotype selected entry indicates "none". Global autotype = Ctrl Alt + A and Show KeePass window = Ctrl Alt + K. Should I type shift ctrl A in autotype etc. ?

  • develop1

    develop1 - 2014-07-19

    for reason I do not understand the keepass install only assignes a keystroke for two of the three availabe actions, it seems a mistake for the install to let the 3rd option (autotype selected entry) become an unreachable feature by default.

    oh well, you can assign whatever key sequence you want to the action
    simply click into that field and hit whatever keystroke you want to assign to it.
    I use my left hand and hit ctrl+shift+a as that seqences isn't used by any other program I own. KP will record that value into the field.

    KP is customizable enough to meet the work habits of people versus being the other way around. I think most uses of keepass like and use the global autotype feature (I happen to be one of the minority which never use the feature). With this feature invest time into the setup and maintences of every keepass record so later on when you happen to be presented with a login pannel you hit the global autotype hot key and let keepass figure out which record should be used to fill that panels username/password.

    I tend to go the other way and go out of my way to invest zero time in global autotype setup/maintence. If I want to get to logged into a particular product or site I always first go into KP find the record for that product or site and double click the url field.
    A work habit of this method guarantees with 100% certanity you are always hitting the correct program or website as well as guarantees with 100% certainty the desired username/password will always be autotyped. the upside of the above is minimail maintence to keepass you must do and 100% certainty of always hitting non-spoofed targets. The downside is you are forcing yourself to always use KP first before getting to what you really wanted. Essentially KP becomes front and center to your work flow.

    The other method (which my impression is what most people do) is you invest the time for global autotype and then you go about your day as you always did before you owned KP. if at any point in the day you are presented with a login pannel you hit the global autotype hot key and if all setup/maintence is perfect you get instantly logged in with no further thinking/effort. The upside to this method is the work habbits you utilized before you owned KP can still be used after owning KP its just you now let KP do the typing of your username/password the onus always remains on you not be on a spoofed site/product and the onus remains on you to maintain the global autotype entries as conditions of logons change.

  • Mike

    Mike - 2014-07-20

    Thank you - it works now. My post did not show up on the page so I thought it had failed - so I posted again. Sorry.


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