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  • natureluvr

    natureluvr - 2014-02-04

    Thanks so much for your help!

    1) How do I know if the database file includes the key security with it or is just the database and safe to put in somewhere like dropbox. I saw a discussion say never put the key and database together but how do you tell if you are doing this by copying and putting on dropbox?

    2) I installed keepass newest version on my win 7 pc, chromeipass on my browser, and MiniKeePass on my iphone. I tried following the create triggers faq post on dropbox. I am confused by it... I put a copy of the database in a new folder in my documents as suggested so there is two versions of the database, I then put in "events" saving database files with equals and pointing to this folder location in my documents (is this supposed to be the dropbox link, and if so where does the password and username go?), then in actions I do change trigger off, put sync active database with url or file location of dropbox's link with username and password (is this supposed to be the file location in my documents?), then I have then trigger on and save. How do I know if this is working?

    3) I go to file > synchronize > synchronize with url put in the username (my email), password, and url of the file eg (https://www.dropbox.com/s/123456****/EXAMPLEDATABASE.kdbx). Hit remember password and username and hit ok, I get error "the file signature is invalid, either the file isn't a keepass database or its corrupted." I've tried putting it in a different folder on dropbox and that doesn't work. Am I putting the username or password in wrong, am I supposed to put the link in a different format from dropbox? I tried Google drive with the same error message. I also tried with MiniKeePass and it opens up the dropbox file but does not sync it if i add test stuff. Is this because I am already in the active database and this is a copy uploaded from the my documents folder it says to use in triggers? What am I doing wrong?

    4) MiniKeePass iphone ... How does one use this so you don't have to copy each piece of information individually, to safari browser (that's annoying) is there a more automatic way where it just opens up the site like keepass on the pc does? Is there a better app that automatically works to login to websites and apps?

    Must I enter my "long" KeePass Password every time I use MiniKeePass it gets annoying, I have a numeric password as well, and the iphone has a passowrd. Should I have the iphone save the password in keychain for automatic use?

    5) Why does keepass sometimes not open the webpage up automatically and log in? I must select the log in and hit sign in of most pages.

    6) I use a computer at my college classes, we cannot use usb its locked down. I cannot therefore do a usb keepass, what solutions would you give me if I want to use long passwords on say google but I can't remember them and need to use those sites at school?

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  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-02-04
    1. The key file is separate from the database - usually called somename.key. This forms (part of) your master password and should not be stored with the database if it is the master password - it's OK if you then need to type a password as well.
      You may not even use a key file - do you just type a password to open KeePass?

    2. Use KeePass to open the database in "My Documents".
      Tell Dropbox to sync the database in the sub-folder of "My Documents".
      Set the event to check for saving the database in "My Documents", not the sub-folder.
      Sync the active database with the database in the sub-folder, you do not need a user name or password.
      If the sync works you will see KeePass syncing.

    3. Do not sync directly with Dropbox, this will not go well.
      MiniKeePass does sync as such, it just opens the database from your local Dropbox repository. This means that if you make changes on MiniKeePass and KeePass before the file from your apple device is uploaded to Dropbox, the MiniKeePass changes may be lost. To get around this you need to ensure that any changes made in MiniKeePass are uploaded to Dropbox before you use KeePass on Windows.

    4. No idea, don't have an apple.

    5. I assume you mean why doesn't KeePass open the URL and sign in. KeePass doesn't ever do this, but ChromeIPass might. You will have to ask the ChromeIPass developer / forum.

    6. If you can run KeePass and access the web you can open your database. Have you asked the IT bods if you can use KeePass?

    cheers, Paul

  • natureluvr

    natureluvr - 2014-02-05

    Hey Paul,
    Thanks for the Reply....

    ** Things have gotten worse with my KeePass on Windows 7 32bit. Does the database not automatically save? My laptop lost power and had to restart, some of my recent entries were gone. So then I reset some of the passwords I could not remember (KeePass generated them) and hit the Disk save icon to save the database. I get a error their is a problem with the files signature and this file is corrupt or cannot be saved. It is located on my main windows drive in the KeePass folder. I have a backup of the file in my documents in a different drive as I was trying to do the Dropbox sync, that file said the same thing. A synchronize screen pops up and tries to re-write file I guess. If I do a new name through "save as" it works to save. Can you tell me why its doing this? This might be related to the Dropbox errors I am getting if it cannot even save/overwrite the file on the local system.

    1. OK if the key is separate from the database, and you don't need a key file if you just put in your master password. What are these people taking about on this forum if you put the file in Dropbox it is insecure and like giving a stranger the keys to your house? How does one make a database to sync secure on DB.

    2. I am getting that cannot save corrupt file/database error when I try to "sync" my database using a trigger. So your saying I don't have to put any information in the trigger about Dropbox, do Ignore the username and password fields when creating the Dropbox sync per the faq instructions? "Sync the active database with the database in the sub-folder, you do not need a user name or password..." Are you saying I don't need any login/ password for Dropbox and must manually upload every time?

    3. I don't get how to use Minikeypass, I know you don't use apple products but on your android Keepass database app does it automatically log you into the sites and put in the information from the database? Minikeypass seems tedious as you must paste the login and password for each item, this is not like Keypass on the computer unless I am doing something wrong or not using a program like ChromeIPass with this functionality for safari ios.

    4. Do you use Firefox as your Keepass browser... if so does it automatically log you into websites with the username and password, just trying to compare to ChromeIPass.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-02-06

    KeePass does not save the database unless you tell it to, or set the option to save on lock/close - Tools > Options.

    I don't know why you can't save the database. What is the exact error message.

    1. You do not need a key file, you can just use a password. If you use a key file you should not store it with the database. Nothing to do with Dropbox, or anything else.

    2. KeePass cannot sync to Dropbox, it syncs to local files, or webdav. To use Dropbox you sync to a local file and let Dropbox move that file to other devices.

    3. AFAIK the mobile device apps require you to copy and paste the user name and password manually.

    4. I do not use any browser plug-ins for KeePass. I use Global Auto-Type so that I control what logs in and when.

  • natureluvr

    natureluvr - 2014-02-06

    Hi Paul,
    Please see Attachments from keypass... This is when I hit Save or Save As, If I do a "new file name" and save it works I just can't rewrite the current database. I have tried this on both drives on a virtual partition. Again running Windows 7 Ultimate and KeyPass 2.24. Remember when I said above about why it doesn't automatically save, I already had selected "option to save on lock/close - Tools > Options," maybe its not saving right or something?


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  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-02-06

    You are attempting to save the database to the "Program Files" folder and this is generally not allowed by Windows. Move your database to "My Documents".

    cheers, Paul


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