auto-key magic

  • n3wjack

    n3wjack - 2006-04-04

    According to the help-file you should "program" the auto-key feature to have it fill out webforms by doing a keysend of a username-tab-password combo.

    Oddly enough paypal and gmail seem to be working automatically without having to provide such a script, while for other sites like this doesnt work.

    How come this magically works for gmail? Is this built into the software, or does it snoop for the names of HTML input fields oslt?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      KeePass uses the Title field as your Auto-Type-Window by default if you have not defined something else, and it uses the dafault Auto-Type: %USERNAME%{TAB}%PASSWORD%{ENTER} if you have not defined that.  That feature is included for convenience and it works a fair amount of the time.  Even so, I usally define an auto-type window and sequence myself, even if the default already works just because I like all my entries to include similar notes.

    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-04-05

      KeePass actually uses *Title*, so it matches anything with Title in it.

      cheers, Paul

    • n3wjack

      n3wjack - 2006-04-08

      that does indeed explain the magic :)


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