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  • stef

    stef - 2013-06-08


    I'm using KeePass 2.21 on Ubuntu 13.04.

    Here is my Use Case:
    - open KeePass and select an entry in the list on the right => the line background changes to blue
    - ALT+TAB to any other application
    - ALT+TAB back to KeePass => the line is still selected but the focus is not on the list anymore
    => the line background is now a light gray color that one can hardly distinguish from the default white background


    What I want: being able to see at first glance which is the selected line.

    Do you know if/where the background colors in entries list can be changed ?
    Is it a KeePass setting or a Mono one ?

    I tried to find an answer myself but the Ubuntu mono FONT is getting in my way of googling it...

  • stef

    stef - 2013-06-12

    No one has a clue for this request ?

    I tried to explore the code but I am not familiar with C# and moreover, I counted 1176 occurrences of the word "color" in KeePass 2.21 source code...
    That is a bit discouraging.

    Any indication on how and where the background colors of the entries window are handled is welcome!


  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2013-06-12

    The selected item colors are system colors, specified globally for all applications. In Windows, you can change them in Control Panel -> Customization -> Window Color -> Advanced Display Settings. I don't know how/where to change these colors under Linux/Mono, sorry.

    Best regards,

  • stef

    stef - 2013-06-12

    Thanks for your answer Dominik!

    I searched more on the Mono side and found a promising MONO_THEME environment variable in "man mono":

    The name of the theme to be used by Windows.Forms. Available themes today include "clearlooks", "nice" and "win32". The default is "win32".

    Unfortunately, using these different values did not change anything and in fact this variable has been deprecated since at least 2009:

    Finally it was confirmed on this official page that only one theme is available on Linux and OSX and it is Win32:

    Oh well, I can live with it, I suppose.

    Thanks anyway and keep up the good work!


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