Using KeyPass portable on 2 USB sticks

  • Gina Wilson

    Gina Wilson - 2012-05-20


    I haven't actually downloaded KeyPass yet to play with, but I wanted to know if what I'm envisioning in my head is possible.

    What I wanted to do is have 2 USB sticks - one that I always leave at home, and one that I carry with me to work and when I travel. 

    I was originally envisioning having KeyPass Portable on both sticks, but then it occurred to me today that KeyPass would generate a different password for each site I visit and it would be different between the sticks.  Is there any easy way to transfer the passwords between KeyPass on each stick?

    Like say I'm at work and I visit a new site that I create a password for…. would there be some easy way to transfer that information onto the KeyPass program on the other stick at home?   I was hoping to use a stick at home vs. download to the computer because we have multiple computers in the house…..


  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2012-05-21

    KeePass 2.x has a sync capability that will allow you to keep two copies of the same database synchronized with changes made in either copy.  See

    I would be inclined to place one database on a usb stick for use at work and when traveling.  The home copy would generally be more convenient if stored on the computer drive (unless you have a particular reason for wanting that copy on a usb drive also).  You could also keep permanent copies on the home and work computers and use the usb copy just for travel and to synchronize the two computer copies of the database.


  • Paul

    Paul - 2012-05-21

    If you have multiple computers at home you can store the master copy on one machine and the others can sync to the master.

    Make sure you backup the master database regularly.

    cheers, Paul

  • Gina Wilson

    Gina Wilson - 2012-05-22

    Thanks for the help!  Can't wait to start using KeyPass!


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