Error Message every time I open KeePass

Cody Diehl
  • Cody Diehl

    Cody Diehl - 2013-03-22

    I've been using Keepass on my windows 7 (32bit) computer for probably 1.5 years now and every time I open the program I get the same error message (Here's a link to a screen shot of it The message in part reads: "Unable to start HttpListener: System.Net.HttpListenerException (0x80004005)..." Please help me fix this. All I can understand is that this error does not allow my browser to automatically connect to KeePass and send my passwords. I have been copying and pasting my passwords over manually.

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2013-03-23

    This is a problem in the KeePassHttp plugin, not KeePass. KeePassHttp is e.g. part of PassIFox and ChromeIPass; its issue tracker is here:

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