KeePass - Stupid Question Time

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have KeePass 1.06 saved on two flashdrives I'll call A and B.  I am using flashdrive B as a backup.  I have one database.kdb file with all my passwords CREATED and saved to flashdrive A. I can access my passwords using the KeePass installed on flashdrive A.  If I export my .kdb file to flashdrive B from flashdrive A I can access it using my KeePass on flashdrive A only.  However, I cannot access said kdb. file when using the KeePass that was installed on flashdrive B.  Do you have any suggestions?

    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-10-22

      First, backup by copying the database to your hard disk.

      If you cannot open the database from B, you will need to tell us what error message you get. My guess is you have used a keyfile and have not copied it to B.

      if you use a keyfile, it should never be located in the same place as the database - too easy to steal/copy.

      cheers, Paul

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      First, thank you for your wisdom.  Once I copied the "pwsafe" file to flashdrive B I could open up my exported .kdb file from flashdrive A.  I am assuming keyfile=pwsafe.  Understanding that I prefer flashdrives, storing my .kdb file on one flashdrive and keyfile(pwsafe) on another flashdrive for security purposes seems a bit of a hassle in order to carry around.  I would probably be well served to review the website a bit more thoroughly.  Again, thanks so much for your time and help in this matter.  - Eddie

    • tech-comm

      tech-comm - 2006-10-23

      Paul, I've also been trying to set up KeePass to run independently on flash drives and external HD's and discovered a few things that I'm sure you know, but would probably be useful to include in your setup instructions: (unless I'm wrong about these details!)

      When I set up a KeePass installation to run on a removable drive, it does not  run independently. I can run the Database.kdb from the removable drive, but even when I have the rest of KeePass's files in the same folder, it looks for it's command and .ini files only on C:. Even clicking the .exe file on the removable drive will not launch the applicationi.

      On several PC's running XP-2, I tried removing the KeePass program folders on C: and afterward, I could not get Windows to create and maintain an association with KeePass.exe on the external drive, so KeePass would not run. Perhaps if I created an autoexec with the appropriate environment statement?

    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-10-23

      Yes, pwsafe=keyfile. You must back this up as you would your database, but not to the same location. If you want to keep the database and keyfile on the removable drive, it may be worth moving the keyfile to a directory a few levels down, or using a password as well as the keyfile. Keeping them together is not good security.

      You have associated the kdb file with KeePass on C:, so you will always use that program. You cannot reliably use KeePass from a removable drive via associations, if the drive letter changes...
      If you want to run it from a removable drive you need to double click on the KeePass executable on the removable drive, then open the database. The ini file will then be created on the removable drive.

      cheers, Paul

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Paul,

      I just found I am really stupid - I copied the kdb database file to my flashdrive and wiped out my laptop's harddrive, without paying attention that I used both password/passphrase and the "key file" (I thought that pwsafe was part of the application so did not save it, thinking that I will just download the new keepass later.)

      Now I can't get in the database, it's useless!   :-(

      I guess there is no way to recover?

    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-11-04

      Recover the keyfile from your backup.

      cheers, Paul


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