Database Import/Export Data Transfer

  • JonE

    JonE - 2013-02-17

    I was originally going to ask about multiple instances of KeyPass, but I already figured out that's not possible, not in a normal sense. Multiple Databases should work just fine.

    I will start by saying I'm somewhere between an advanced user and a techno geek; the way I normally put it is I know just enough to get myself in trouble, but not always enough to get myself out. There is an aspect of KeyPass that's been driving me crazy and has quite honestly been making me feel really stupid.

    What I need to do is quite simple, but maybe it's not. To start off I have my Database's on my main hard drive and my keys on USB Stick, Flash Drive or whatever you prefer to call it.

    I had a catastrophic failure a few years back and lost every password I had on KeyPass version 1, which was the bulk of my passwords. I did manage to recover all the passwords I had on version 2 and that database is 2+ years old.

    I've created a new Database with key and need to get all stored entries on the old Database and put them on the new Database; I want to retain the new Database file-name and have it associated with the new key. I've tried Exporting from the old Database and Importing into the new Database, but no matter what I've tried it keeps wanting to retain the old Database file-name. I have not tried .CSV or .XML Import/Export, or Repair Mode.

    So, my question: is it possible to transfer the entries, aka data, from an old Database into a new Database while retaining all the Composite Key Data in the new Database?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-02-17

    I would open the new database, then select File > Import and select the required database format.

    cheers, Paul

  • JonE

    JonE - 2013-02-18

    Success! Thank you, Paul for your post; it gave me the motivation and confidence to try again. I wasn't going far enough. Sometimes these old brain cells don't turn as fast as they used to. Once my brain rebooted I realized that I needed to enter the Password and Key for the old Database to open it so it could be Imported. It didn't do the type import I requested, but that's minor.

    All is working and going according to plan; thank you, for your post - Most Appreciated.


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