Password disk AND Manual Password?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It is possible to use both the manual entry password feature AND the password disk?

    I'm thinking that having the password disk available for other family members might be helful (for those with poor memories).

    This make any sense?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If you're already going to share the file, why would you want to mix it up how you access it, and not use a disk for all?  Backup your database/passkey file somewhere in general and more so if multiple people will access it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      One reason that might be appropriate for having both is that when the file is read in, a key logger will not be able to capture the code. So even if you just leave the passkey file with the encrypted file, it doesn't matter because you still need the master password.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Just a personal preserence on how you want to manage your passwords!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      See feature suggestions. Has been wanted more than once. Problem: There are millions of suggestions.


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