Freaked out, now okay...but a question

  • CzzSirius

    CzzSirius - 2006-04-04

    Freaked out, now okay...but a question

    Is it "all right" to copy the ".kbd" file and insert it into a newly installed KeePass folder in Program Files? (using Windows XP)

    I'd looked through the help menu in the program and didn't see  mention of a backup method, so I saved the ".kdb" preperatory to reinstalling Windows. I used this method because I've been able to do this (saving a file called "Xbox.pkf" and "firstPWS.pwks" using MSI's PasswordKeeper. This way, I'd been able to bring my passwords to other computers just by saving two files. [Probably only really need the Xbox.pkf since I only have one database.]

    The memo space is limited compared to KeePass and I wasn't sure I could tranfer it glitch-free to motherboards made by other manufacturers. And of course I doubt if the encryption quality can match those used at KeePass. But it's nice to copy and save.

    Is this okay? I haven't had a problem. Only thought I was because I was using an older .kdb file. I just found the plugin info, but I do like the manual, "I saw it, I know it happened" quality of a two-paned xplorer2 operation.

    Thanks. I like the interface very much. Lots of good design work and care obviously goes into KeePass. Thank you for that as well.

    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-04-05

      The KeePass database can be copied anywhere you like, it is completely self contained. A backup is just a copy of the database.
      You might like to try the backup plug-in in the downloads section.

      cheers, Paul

    • CzzSirius

      CzzSirius - 2006-04-06

      Thanks very much. I will. Downloaded it yesterday.

      I am very happy also that the database is self contained. Even though I use (for example) mozbackup for my Firefox bookmarks, I still wind up hunting through my user profile to copy stuff "just in case."

      Safety first! ;)


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