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  • Lars Gusowski

    Lars Gusowski - 2014-07-08


    i am using keepass 2.27 and Keefox 1.4.2 (but i beleave the keefox version doesn't matter)

    I use normally the autotype function from keepass.
    But now i have a page, where i need the change an form field called uni_url.

    Is it possible to change these?

    One of the webpages is the browsergame

    Does anybody know how to solve these issue?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-07-09

    Do you use KeeFox for the login or KeePass Auto-Type? Using Auto-Type means either pressing Ctrl Alt A or selecting the KeePass entry and choosing "perform Auto-Type".

    cheers, Paul

  • Lars Gusowski

    Lars Gusowski - 2014-07-10

    I use both, and nothing works as i think it should work.

    The problem is, that to login window opend with klick on login (there is an javascript event behind, if i see it correctly)

    The login would work, but i am not able to change the server/world automatactly with autotype or with keefox.

    For keefox i imagine i need to make there a request.
    But probably there would be a workaround for autotype.

    It uses everytime the selected world (formfiled is called uni-url )
    But if i select in keepass an other world, the login doesn't work, becouse he try to login in the in the browser selected world, because i didn't found a solution to tell keepass to change the world.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-07-10

    The world can be changed by tabbing to the World field and pressing the down arrow until you arrive at the required World - pressing Home first takes you to the top. Change your Auto-Type sequence to something like this: {USERNAME}{TAB}{PASSWORD}{TAB}{S:EMAIL}{TAB}{HOME}{DOWN 6}{ENTER}

    cheers, Paul


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