KeePass win98 and WInXP russian

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i cant "auto-type" in this OS (w98)
    with/without alternative methods...(((
    with global key or "ctrl+v"
    in winxp only alter.method work on my winXP sp1
    but this wrong worked with different keyboard layouts (ENG/RUSSIAN)- i have different result for every layout with some password!!(((

    and CSV import with russian symbols didt work... all char are distroted

    sorry for english....

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      export to CSV

    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-03-27

      There may be a problem with Auto-Type in V1.04 and non XP Windows. Can you try V1.03, the database format is the same?

      cheers, Paul

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ok. i download and will try it

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      windows 98 v1.03
      auto-type: all ok on both modes
      on ENG layout all symbols (russian and english)
      on RUS - only russian and numeric and spaces instead of chars

      winxp sp1 v1.03
      i cant get focus on window after Keepass minimized - they still active but invisivle
      in v1.04 with alternate method this not happened

      winxp sp1 v1.04
      on RUS - only russian and numeric and spaces instead of chars
      on ENG - russian chars, numeric and some strange distortion

      kp ENG - notepad ENG
      uaaiu    +c3ApBfBrLtatwi7GLxm
      kp RUS - notepad ENG
      uaaiu    +37
      kp RUS - notepad RUS
      ывапы    +37
      kp ENG - notepad RUS
      ывапы    +с3ФзИаИкДефецш7ПДчь

      and real (i see in KP(keepass))
      ывапы +c3ApBfBrLtatwi7GLxm

      and something like this with clipboard

      win98 and 1.04 - not work with auto-type(((

      some add to export/import russian symbols
      plug for import XML distorted RUS too like export to CSV
      something wrong with UTF coversion
      export XML convert from cirilica 1251 to UTF8
      import XML get UTF without conversion

      from my rus keyboard
      from XML UTF
      after import in keepass
      in other prog without UTF

      and CSV too

      i realy hope - u understand me )))))

    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-03-29

      Excellent work, more people should be so thorough.

      Can you post this as a bug please?

      cheers, Paul


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