Global Hotkey stopped working for some sites/programmes.

  • Harry

    Harry - 2013-10-24


    I installed KeePass yesterday and set up and everything. All went fine everything worked. But today on Outlook and League of Legends (Game) the global hotkey didnt work anymore.

    When I change the entry name of League of Legends to "client" then it work, but why doesnt it work like yesterday? I dont really want to change the names or smth and this really s*cks for me...

    Can you help me with that?


  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2013-10-24

    If the global auto-type key works on other sites then the problem is not with the key, rather it is most likely a problem with the 'Window Title-to-Target Window Title' matching.

    To see the complete Window Title that needs to be matched, open your browser to the desired webpage, then Edit the KeePass entry, select the Auto-Type tab, and press the Add button. From the Target Window drop down menu select the window title that matches the web page. This will be the complete Target Window Title that KeePass can use for matching. You can either use this title, or a sub string, as your KeePass entry's Title, or you can continue to define a custom Auto-Type sequence. The advantage of the latter is that once the custom auto-type is properly defined, you can (should) use a descriptive name for your KeePass entry Title that does not match the Window Title.

    Leading or trailing wildcards should not be used in the KeePass entry Title even if a sub string of the Window Title is used (they are implied), but if a sub string of the Window Title is used in the Target Window field of a custom auto-type sequence, leading and/or trailing wildcards are required.

  • Harry

    Harry - 2013-10-24

    Wow, the "Windows ADD" thingy was the solution for my problem.
    Thanx, that helped me alot :).


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