Japanese text has disappeared?

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan - 2014-01-14

    Using 1.26 on Windows Vista, I was keeping passwords for various things in Japanese. I then re-installed Vista on a new hard drive and re-installed Keepass. Now all the Japanese text has been replaced by question marks. I've tried changing locales but it doesn't work. I've tried importing the database into another one, exporting to a text file. Nothing.

    Am I right in thinking that despite me having daily remote backups for the past 90 days, my life is now, basically, at an end? Is there anything I can do to restore the account logins I've now lost?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-01-15

    KeePass V1 does not store text in Unicode so Japanese characters are not stored correctly. You must have had a specific locale set that allows the characters to show correctly.

    Can you replace the old hard drive and use KeePass to see if this shows the characters correctly?

    cheers, Paul

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan - 2014-01-15

    OK I'll try that.

    Does Keepass 2 support unicode?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-01-16

    KeePass V2 uses unicode for all file data.

    cheers, Paul

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan - 2014-01-16

    HOLY of HOLIES! It worked! I switched back to the old disk, imported the KP 1 db into a new KP 2 one, rebooted on my new disk and banzai!

    Seriously, without any passwords to anything, I was seriously contemplating ending my life on earth. Now however, I am enjoying a glass of Suntory Reserve!

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-01-17


    cheers, Paul


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