v2.25 Help needed with custom Auto-Type

  • macnab

    macnab - 2014-04-04

    Point 1:
    Help page says put custom auto-type text in Notes. This doesn't seem to work.
    But found on Auto-Type tab: Override default sequence.
    This sort of works.

    Point 2:
    At my internet banking site I need to type my account number, then a number, press enter and on a new page type selected characters of my password.
    So I tried this:
    accountnumber{TAB}secondnumber{ENTER}{DELAY 20}{PICKCHARS}
    It starts off with {PICKCHARS} and then does the rest. Except I don't know which characters to use until I am on the second page.

  • steelej

    steelej - 2014-04-04

    Point 1: Look further down the page. You are looking at Keepass version 1 information. KeePass version 2 uses Autotype as you have found

    Point 2: There have been several posts on this topic recently. You need to provide two autotype sequences. The first enters the information required on the first page. the second the information required (e.g. the PICKCHARS) for the second page. The trick is to use the target Window to select the correct window (this will include your browser name - I always replace this with a * character so it works in both Chrome and IE).

    You use the global key combination on the first page to enter the username and first password and again on the second for the Pick chars.

    If the site uses the same title for both pages (most of mine do) all you have to do is pick the appropriate entry from the list from the list presented by KeePass.

  • macnab

    macnab - 2014-04-05

    I'll give it a go. It has becfome more complicated because they have now added a Captcha!!


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