can't get keedata 2.22 portable to point to 2ndkeedata.kdbx

  • Mick StJohn

    Mick StJohn - 2013-04-12

    unzipping to usb file didn't work at first (pointed to wrong place for the 2ndkeedata.kdbx.not to usb folder where everything was) and since I probably did multiple things wrong and out of order as I was doing an update. (why why) I deleted every thing (from usb stick) then unzipped again to the folder. still points to wrong place to try and find 2ndkeedata.kdbx. it points to hard drive\ users ...etc. I need it to point to the folder I put the unzipped files in where it is.
    I thought the whole point was not to have it on the computer and have it portable.

    Can't seem to find where to redirect the program to the usb drive folder.

    sadly I had the same problem when I went to an on computer install to a usb portable install and it couldnt find the kdbx file but when I moved it to the same usb folder the unzipped files were on It found it fine. won't now.
    this is all on Vista.

    • Mick StJohn

      Mick StJohn - 2013-04-12

      Well, made it work. Part my fault as it was pointing to F:\users\mickey\documents\2ndkeedata.kdbx. I missed the F: as the file path did not exist on my USB drive I thought it was trying to find the path on my c: drive. This is a brain malfunction on my part.
      I created the path then copied 2ndkeedata and it now works.

      still couldn't figure out how to tell keepass 2.22 portable how to look in a particular place

    • Mick StJohn

      Mick StJohn - 2013-04-12

      That's what happened the first time I used keepass portable. put 2ndkeedata.kbdx in same file as the program and it worked.

      See my current fix in the reply to myself.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-04-14

    When you select File > Open, KeePass shows a selection dialogue. You should be able to browse to the required drive / folder from there.

    cheers, Paul


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