tfc2 - 2012-11-18

Every time I open KeePass I am getting the Query dialogue box "Enable automatic update check?"

I have tried answering Enable, but the message keeps still appearing. I have tried the opposite (disable) and the message still keeps appearing. I have tried changing the settings from within the Tools/Options/ Check for update at Kee Pass startup. Still no difference.

In my (local) configuration file there are two parameters.

<CheckForUpdate> followed by <CheckForUpdateConfigured>

The <CheckForUpdateConfigured> always stays set at true but the <CheckForUpdate> toggles from true to false depending upon the setting in the Tools/Options/ Check for update at Kee Pass startup field. The parameter also toggles (Properly?) to my responses to the query dialogue, and the setting in the Options also mirrors the setting.

What am I doing wrong? This didn't used to happen. I only recently updated to Version 2.20.1