autotype works but not keeform

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    can anyone figure out why autotype works but keeform won't at this site...cursor gets stuck in the password field and have to hit enter manually.
    works fine
    cmd://KeeForm "" {USERNAME}{PASSWORD} "{tab}{enter}"
    gets stuck in password field and nothing else will auto type.

    Thanks...great program!

    • KeeForm

      KeeForm - 2005-11-29

      There seems to be a bug for web sites with VERY long window titles (technical explanation: The title stored in IE.LocationName is longer than the one displayed in the window title.)

      I will update KeeForm. It might take 1 or 2 days until the file on the server is updated.

      If you know how to compile KeeForm, you could also make the change yourself (in case you don't want to wait)

      Just look for the line that contains LocationName (in KeeForm.au3) and replace it with the following
          $WinTitle = StringLeft ($oIE.LocationName, 75)



      There was no space between username and password in your example (this probably only a typo in your post?)

      BTW, I assume you use the {TAB} to position the cursor on the SUBMIT button? Actually the {TAB} is not necessary, a simple {ENTER} would be enough (since the focus is already in the password field)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for the help Dave.  The "no space" was a typo and I threw the {tab} in there just to see if it would make a difference.  Looking forward to the update of Keeform.  BTW can keeform handle pages that have 3 or more fields?  I kind of understand the syntax for Autotype to do this, but can Keeform do the same thing?

      Thanks again,

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Vic, can you provide an example link where you need three or more fields and where auto-type would work? Please also provide the auto-type sequence.

      What information is required for the third field?

      Do you ask, because you want to avoid using auto-type for any field (to make it "key-logger safe")? Currently KeeForm only fills in the username and password fields "keylogger-safe". Of course you could specify an extra auto-type string

      cmd://KeeForm "YOURSITE" {USERNAME} {PASSWORD} "{TAB}valueforfield3{TAB}valueforfield4{ENTER}"

      But as already said, this wouldn't be 100% keylogger safe


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Vic,

      The new version (3a) is uploaded. You can download it now :-)




      Just FYI, here is the change:
          $WinTitle = $oIE.LocationName
          $Response = DllCall("user32.dll", _
                              "int", "GetWindowText", _
                              "hwnd", $oIE.hwnd, _
                              "str", "", _   
                              "int", 32768)
          $WinTitle = $Response[2]


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