Can't export from Roboform to KeePass

  • Frank

    Frank - 2012-09-09

    I have read the instructions on how to export Roboform passcards to a html file but Roboform must have changed something because it won't work.  I have Roboform

    KeePass says to export passcards by going to the Roboforms editor, then hit 'Print List' -> 'Passcards'). In the dialog that opens, click the 'Save' button. Choose a location and file name, and click 'Save'.     -      There is no save button.  The only option I see is print,  no save button.  I tried going into the printer options, there is a save file option there but only for a print file not an html file.  I tired but won't work.    There is an export in the menu  Options - User Data - Export  but that only exports the websites and not the passcards and KeePass won't open that file when I try to import it.

    Anyone have any experience with this or if there is a way to export passcards.  

    • Chris Raisin

      Chris Raisin - 2013-12-04

      I am using Roboform version and KeePass version 2.24
      You can transfer the following items from Roboform to Keypass:
      Logins (AKA "Passcards"), Identities and SafeNotes
      The procedure is as follows:
      1. Log into to Roboform
      2. Click on the "Roboform" icon above the left hand menu of items
      3. Select "Print List" and select the "Logins" item
      4. If an item is access protected by password, it will prompt you for the password.
      Either enter the password (usually the Master Password) or "Skip"
      5. Each item will be saved to a file called a "List" and displayed within Roboform
      (full screen)
      6. At the top of the displayed List is a "Save" button
      7. Click on the "Save Button"
      8. Choose a name and location for the file (it will be saved as a "htm" file)
      (I chose a new folder off my root drive called "C:\RoboformData")
      9. On the right of the first list produced is a "dropdown" for each of the items
      (Strangely, when producing the first Print List, a list is actually produced for
      all three seperately!)
      10. Select the other two items in turn (Identities and SafeNotes) and save as per
      steps 7 and 8 (I saved them as just "Logins.htm","Identites.htm" and
      11. Close RoboForm
      12. Open KeePass
      13. Enter the Master Password (if required)
      14. Click on "File/Import"
      15. Navigate to the folder where you saved the html files
      16. Import each file in turn
      17. Delete the folder where you stored the html files (for security reasons)
      18. Empty your recycle bin (again for security reasons)
      19. Re-Organise your imported items in KeePass into your desired folders within
      KeePass (most will import into the "root" folder" although some specific to
      certain Browsers will go into assigned folders in KeePass
      20. Sit back and relax using KeePass as your new Password Manager! :-)

      I hope this clarifys everything. It took me about three hours to work out how to do all this! I have been using RoboForm for years, but it often now fails to autofill in certain browsers(I use the amazing "Maxthon").

      I hope this helps everyone.


      Last edit: Chris Raisin 2013-12-04
  • Frank

    Frank - 2012-09-09

    In researching this on other sites I have found that it is not possible to export Roboform's passcards with version 7.  Siber Systems took out this option when 7 came out.  They also stripped the option out of version 6.10.  The only way to export now it to downgrade to version 6.9.3  That version is still on their site to download.

    Not sure why KeePass hasn't picked up on this.  I see from another question here that someone had this same problem back in May and never got an answer.  Would have saved me hours of trying and research had KeePass been up on it.

  • Frank

    Frank - 2012-09-09

    Sorry, version 6.9.3 is not on Siber Systems site.  You can download it from

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2012-09-09

    I've just tested RoboForm and you still can save the list to an HTML file in the print dialog. Steps like on

    In the meanwhile, the 'Passcards' are called 'Logins' and the 'Save' button is labeled 'Save to file'.

    Best regards

  • Frank

    Frank - 2012-09-09

    You're right.  There was not a save to file in version  I didn't realize there was a newer version,  I updated to 7.8.25 and there is now a save to file button.

    Thank you.

  • Frank

    Frank - 2012-09-09

    As a side note. 

    There is a save to file button now but I'm back to where I started.  The save to file button doesn't work.  I get an error message when I try to save.  I had dreichi (Dominik) test it and he got the same error.   Guess I'll have to wait for Roboform to fix it or roll back to the version 6.9.3.

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-15

    You need to go to Options - User Data  and uncheck  "PrintList Shows new dialog" option. Then you will be able to save HTML page as described.

  • adarsh

    adarsh - 2013-09-12

    I am also having problems importing logins from roboform . my roboform version is and keepass version 2.23. I am able to generate htm file from roboform but it is not being imported into keepass using steps listed here
    Roboform generates a print list which I am able to save as html file. Additionally roboform gives an option of saving in font sizes 6 to 18 and column 1 to 6. will changing the font or column help ? keepass just fails to import the html file while it can be viewed in the browser clearly.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-09-13

    Not imported how?
    Do you get an error message?
    Have you created a new empty KeePass database first?

    cheers, Paul

    • adarsh

      adarsh - 2013-09-13

      The importing dialogue comes up and ends in less than a second, nothing gets imported.
      I do not get any error message.
      Yes I have created a new empty keepass database.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-09-14

    Are you able to post a sample of the Roboform data for us to test?

    cheers, Paul

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2013-09-16

    They have again changed their export format. I've now enhanced the importer to additionally support the new format.

    Here's the latest development snapshot for testing:

    Best regards,

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-09-16

    They're trying to stop KeePass stealing their customers. ;-))

    cheers, Paul

  • Michael

    Michael - 2013-09-20

    I am am having no success importing from Roboform I get a progress bar but no files are imported. did not help. suggestions?


  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2013-09-21

    Please post a sample file that is not imported correctly and I'll have a look at it.

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Michael

    Michael - 2013-09-21

    OK, I will sanitize a sample file.

  • Michael

    Michael - 2013-09-23

    I was able to import Passcards from Roboform after changing the Print default from 2 to 1 columns. I have not been able to import Identities however.

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2013-09-23

    The import module supports passcards, not identities (that's why the module is called 'RoboForm HTML (Logins/PassCards)').

    The number of columns and the font size should be irrelevant (i.e. all combinations are supported). If one doesn't work for you, please post a sample file.

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Michael

    Michael - 2013-09-24

    Thanks for the help, Dominik. I am not complaining, I got it to work and now I have my passcards on my Android 4.3 device, which was the point of the exercise in the first place. So I am a satisfied customer. Thanks for the good work.

  • Repeters1945

    Repeters1945 - 2014-05-21

    I just used Chris Raisin 2013-12-04 procedure from above and it works great, as advertised. I am using Roboform v7.9.2.2 and had no issues. The only slowdown was having to create a new database in Keepass and import the RoboForm HTML file into the new database. The import feature in Keepass is greyed out until a new empty database is created.

  • JamesKB

    JamesKB - 2014-05-24

    Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    Roboform (RF): ver
    KeePass (KP): ver 2.25

    I can not import from RF. I've created the html file from with in RF. When I try to import it in to KP via Import->Roboform HTML I get the progress bar and then after a few seconds I get an error message, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." See the attached png file. Any ideas?????


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