WINE/Ubuntu Not Working

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    First, thanks for a great, free program.

    While WINE is not necessarily supported, I have seen mention that it works, so maybe someone can help me out.  Here are some of the details:

    Ubunti Linux 5.04
    WINE version 0.0.20050310-1.1
    KeePass 0.99b (tried 0.99a, too)

    I am using a key and a pass phrase.  On attempting to open the database (after selecting the key and entering the pass phrase) I get the following error message:
    An error occured!
    Error code: 0x00000005

    File access error: failed to open file in read mode.

    There are no permissions issues on the file.  I just can't seem to open the database.  All suggestions appreciated.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Has anyone been able to get Keepass under WINE working?    This is a great program and I would love to be able to use this in Linux, which is actually my primary OS.  Any help would be appreciated.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I am using Keepass just fine under WINE.  I had originally installed Keepass in Win2K Pro and created the database there.  Then I installed Keepass on my Linux box, copied the database over and opened it.  The only problem I have is the asterixs that are used in the password fields display as rectangles, which is usually a sign of not having the correct font installed.  Although I have no idea what that font should be since things display fine everywhere else.

        System specs:
        Centos: release 4.2 (final)
        WINE: 0.9.2-1centos4winehq
        winetools: 0.9-2jo

        • Dominik Reichl

          Dominik Reichl - 2005-12-07

          KeePass by default uses the "Symbol" font for password edit controls. But in some cases it's possible that KeePass automatically falls back to the "MS Serif" font (because of compatibility reasons).

          So, to be safe install both "Symbol" and "MS Serif".

          Best regards

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-05-28
      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I wonder if the people who were able to get it working are not using the key and passphrase method.  It installs OK and seems to be fine until I try to open the database.  I suppose I can try creating a new, passphrase-protected only database and see how that goes.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OK, I have verified that I can share a database between Windows and Linux which does NOT use a key file.  So that seems to be the problem.  KeePass seems to think that the medium is not writable even though it is, since I could also not create a new database with a key file. 

      The 1.0 version won't even install under WINE.  Bummer, indeed.


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