Notes section of KeePass

  • AlexT

    AlexT - 2012-11-04

    New and still struggling with KeePass,
    Question 1:Is the entire Notes section where you key the Auto-Text encripted?
    Auestion 2:Using Auto-Text to log into pay pal just does not work for me, I use the following:
    Auto-Text: +{TAB}{CLEARFIELD}{USERID}{TAB}{PASSWORD}{ENTER} I saw it on this forum,
    I can see it populating the fields but PP rejects it, if I cut and paste the field it works, so the password is ok 

  • Paul

    Paul - 2012-11-04

    1. All data in KeePass is encrypted when written to the database. Some data, including Notes, is not encrypted in memory.
    2. You have not used the correct term for Auto-Type or user name.
    I assume you are using KeePass V1 as you are adding Auto-Type information in Notes? V2 has a Tab for Auto-Type when you edit the entry.
    Using "+{TAB}{CLEARFIELD}" should not be required. Just click in the email address field first - double click if the field already has your address in it.
    Try this line in the Notes field.
    If that enters the correct data you can add Enter to the end to make it fully automatic.

    I would test it on the KeePass test page first. Saves disabling your paypal account while you test.

    cheers, Paul


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