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New install KeePass2.20.1 won't open on Mac. Kdbx created an PC and synced in Dropbox

  • Devra

    Devra - 2013-09-18

    I have been running KeePass2 on 2 PCs, and syncing the database file through DropBox. I have a new job where I am working on a new Macbook Air. Never worked on a Mac before, so there is a learning curve.

    I installed KeePass2.20.1 on the Mac, after first installing Mono Framework 2.10.0 and XQuartz 2.7.4. I copied my .kdbx from DropBox to a new folder, and I want to give that filename to my new KeePass install on the Mac.

    When I open KeePass, I see the Keepass window, and the icon appears on my dock. But within 2 seconds, it stops running. I get the message: quit unexpectedly. I never even got a chance to tell it where the database was.

    I tried reinstalling KeePass, but get the same results. Someone on the forum said Mac users should update to 2.23, but from the download page, it seems that 2.23 is either for Windows, or for the portable version.

    I have only been working with KeePass for a few months. It's been syncing nicely between my PCs (based on triggers I got from the forums). But I am way over my head with this Mac. Is there any hope?


    • laxump

      laxump - 2013-09-21

      I had the same problem. I found this post which showed a workaround, by disabling the auto-update feature. It worked for me.

  • Devra

    Devra - 2013-09-18

    Forgot to say that my mac is running OS 10.8.5.

  • David Lechner

    David Lechner - 2013-09-19

    I use KeePass on Mac. It is ugly, slow and doesn't like double-clicking, but it does work. The portable version of KeePass 2.23 is the one that you want. Also, I am running the latest version of Mono (3.x), which could make a difference.

  • Marce

    Marce - 2013-09-19

    I have the same problem here with MAC OS X 10.7.5.
    where can I look for a portable version for MAC?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-09-20

    There is no portable version for Mac, you download 2.23 portable and extract KeePass.exe from the zip file, overwriting the existing KeePass.exe on your Mac.

    cheers, Paul

  • Devra

    Devra - 2013-09-24

    I'm still having problems. I have reinstalled the latest version of Mono, and reinstalled xQuartz. I then reinstalled Keepass2.0 for Mac.
    I downloaded the Portable 2.23 version, extracted the KeePass.exe file, and dragged it over the KeePass.exe file in the installed version of KeePass2.0. The file was replaced.

    I can start KeePass. I copied the .kdbx from DropBox to my Documents folder. I can open this copy in KeePass, enter the master password, and I see the data. I was able to update a record.

    Here is where I fail. I am trying to add a trigger to sync the local database file with the one on DropBox. Here is the process I set up on my PCs which was working for me:

    • Add a trigger
      Event: Saved database file (enter no other values)
      Actions: 1) change trigger on/off => Off
      2) Sync active DB with a file/URL
      - File/URL - eter full path of dropbox file name
      3) Change trigger on/off => On

    So on the mac, I start entering information into the trigger dialog box. When I enter the first action, and click OK, I get a pop-up message of "The object was used after being disposed."
    But it appears that the actions was saved. When I try to enter the second action, I get the same error message, and KeePass closes. I never get to enter the filename. Last time I tried to enter the trigger, KeePass froze, and I had to force it to close.

    Is there any hope for this? I would appreciate any ideas. I'd like to make this work because I don't know how else to manage passwords in both a mac and PC environment.

    Rube Goldberg idea:
    Although this would be a pain and could cause potential sync problems, here is a thought. Since the failure appears to be related to adding a trigger, would it work for me to not add any trigger to sync the database to dropbox. Instead, I could make changes in KeePass on the mac, save password information on the Mac version of the database, and when I am done for the day, copy the updated version of the .kdbx over the version in the dropbox? When I get home, I would have to force a save (which syncs) on my PC version of KeePass2 to bring the updated version of the database file in from DropBox.

    But would this actually give me all the information I needed on both mac and pc system?

    Thanks for any help.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-09-25

    Maybe the native OSx version of KeePass will do this - not that it's available yet.
    I think you will have to sync manually in the meantime - don't forget to have 2 local copies of the database, 1 for KeePass to use and one for Dropbox to copy, then sync those 2 local files via KeePass.

    cheers, Paul


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