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  • Marc

    Marc - 2014-06-27


    I just received a new corporate laptop with Windows 7 and IE 8. I'm having an issue opening and logging into a website using Keepass and Keeform. I think this is a Keeform issue but I wanted to run it by this forum. I have Keepass setup to use Keeform to open and log me into a website when I double-click the URL. Some entries, when clicked, go directly to the website and login flawlessly. Other URLs (most of corporate ones) first take me to a page with a URL showing "about:blank" for 1-2 seconds before proceeding to the website in the URL. These fail with Keeform error of 800706B5 - The interface is unknown. If I override the URL to not use Keeform, the process does not take me to the about:blank page before opening the URL. This was never an issue with my previous Windows XP machine and IE 8. The corporate URLs did not first go to the about:blank page. Any thoughts???

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-06-27

    KeePass does not match URLs, it matches Window Titles (e.g. browser tab titles). Upgrading the OS or IE version will not normally affect browser tab titles unless you had installed an extension (not KeePass) that modifies them. However each browser brand also appends its name to the browser tab title so there might be an effect if you changed browser brands. To see the Windows Titles that KeePass sees, exactly as KeePass sees them:

    1. Edit an entry
    2. Select the auto-type tab
    3. Press the Add button
    4. Display the drop-down menu for the 'Target window:' field.

    The Window Titles for all active windows that KeePass can see will be listed exactly as KeePass sees them.

    In KeePass, if you double click on an entry's URL, KeePass will open the URL that is specified in the entry's URL field. Otherwise KeePass will not alter an active webpage.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-06-28

    It may the URLs you use for the corporate sites. Make sure they are fully qualified, e.g. http://mycorporatesite.com/login.html.

    cheers, Paul


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