Keepass flaky on Mac

  • neoflyer

    neoflyer - 2013-09-05

    Keepass worked well on my Windows PC but it is very flaky on my Macbook Air. Keepass 2.19 installed. It does several things that are annoying. For instance after opening it an using it to look up a couple of entries the names of the entries will go blank. I have to guess which line of the entries is the one I am looking for. If I am lucky I put in a URL in that field and that will help me select the right entry. Otherwise it is a crap shoot. Also, if I go to another folder the entries for the previous folder stay on the screen. A single click in the entry name list causes that group to go away and the new folders names to display.

    After some time the scroll bar for the folders won't work. Any folders out of sight will remain out of sight until I restart the program.

    Also, again after opening the program a few times, when I click on it's icon to open it the symbol for the program in my tray will bounce once then disappear without the program opening.

    All of these problems are solved by restarting my computer but this only helps for a little while then I have to reboot again.

    BTW, I tried upgrading to 2.20.1 and got the message that it installed correctly but when I open the program and check the version it is still 2.19.

    I'd like to use the program. I don't want to go to another because that is such a huge effort but these problems are just too much to deal with. To go to another program requires exporting in .csv form which Keepass no longer offers.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-09-05

    Because KeePass uses mono on the Mac there can be issues with screen updates etc.
    You can use the latest version of KeePass by downloading the portable version and extracting KeePass.exe over the top of your existing KeePass.exe.

    There is a native OSX version in development, see this thread:

    cheers, Paul


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