Need help using KeePass with PC, multiple IOS devices and Dropbox

Tim Cox
  • Tim Cox

    Tim Cox - 2013-10-18

    I have KeePass 2.23 installed on my Windows 7 PC. I have created a KeePass database in a folder that is shared with DropBox. On my iPad, I have MiniKeePass and the DropBox client installed. In the DropBox client on the iPad I use the Action shortcut to Open the database in MiniKeePass. I can now go into the MiniKeePass app on the iPad and open the database. At this point everything is functioning as expected.

    Now, I want to update the database ON THE PC, and then propagate that to my iPad. I added a new entry on the PC and closed out. I can see in my DropBox account in Internet Explorer that the database file that is in the shared DropBox folder is the newer version with the additional entry. I go into MiniKeePass on the iPad and delete the old version of the database. I do not see the database file listed as an available file in MiniKeePass. I then go into the DropBox client on the iPad and see that the version of the database is indeed the newer version. I then click on the Action shortcut and press Open in MiniKeePass. That works, and now I see the database listed as an available file in MiniKeePass. However, much to my surprise, the file still shows the last modified date and time that matches the file I manually deleted. After opening I find that indeed it is the older version of the database and does not contain the new entry. I tried closing the MiniKeePass application and even powering down the iPad after manually deleting the database from within the MiniKeePass application. After powering back up the database is not listed as an available file. I then use the Action shortcut again in DropBox and then I see the database listed...but it's still the older version of the database. For some reason I cannot manually delete the older version of the database off the iPad and then download the newer version. I finally deleted the app from the iPad which does delete the data too. Then I reinstalled the MiniKeePass app to the iPad and opened the database from the DropBox client and voila...the newer version of the database is now listed. When I open the file it is indeed the newer version of the database which contains the new entry added from my PC.

    Why is this process of getting the latest version of the database to my iPad from DropBox not working and what can I do to fix this? It sure appears that deleting the database from within the MiniKeePass app only removes it from the app doesn't actually delete it. Nothing I've found deletes the old database file short of deleting the app. Is there a nice and easy way to manually delete this file from my iPad? It would sure make synching across multiple IOS devices simpler than other methods I've read.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-10-18

    That sounds like an issue with MiniKeePass, which is a 3rd party build - so not actively supported on this site. Try the MKP support site here:

    Have you tried using the file manager (whatever that is on an ipad) to find all database files? You may have more than one.

    cheers, Paul

  • Tim Cox

    Tim Cox - 2013-10-18

    Thanks for the quick reply. I believe it's an issue with the DropBox client. On the iPad I have the same "Open With" capability from email. I tried emailing the newer database to myself and then did Open With MiniKeePass app and it worked just fine. In fact, I didn't even have to delete the older database in MiniKeePass prior to doing that. Using the Open With function simply overwrote the existing database of the same name. I don't worry about sending the file via email because I am also using a Key file for validation. Once that's on the IOS device, it never has to be emailed...only the newer version of the database has to be sent.

    So, if anyone wants an easy primer on how to do this my way do the following:
    -create your database on a pc.
    -create a keyfile if desired for additional security using same name as the database (but with the .key extension.
    -email each file separately to your own email account
    -on IOS device in email tap on the attached file to download. When the file has downloaded and changed to a different icon in email tap the file again. You'll have the option to Open with another application pop up. Choose Mini KeePass.
    -do this for the keyfile as well if using a keyfile
    -in MiniKeePass the database file is available to open.

    All you have to do now is update your database on the pc and email to yourself and replace the old database with the new database. It's pretty simple and effective. It's possible (according to what I've read) to update the file on your IOS device and then try to sync back to all the others using DropBox and Import/Export but I find this process to be easiest. Since we use KeyPass at work I can update on my work pc...emaill the database to myself and then reload it into my home pc and IOS devices whenever I choose.

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  • Tim Cox

    Tim Cox - 2013-10-18

    A little more information on this. works perfectly for this. Upload new file to on other app (MiniKeePass) and the new file is downloaded to the iPad. Don't have to delete the old file from the iPad. The new one overwrites the old one. I tried using SkyDrive too. It works...sort of. It appears the old file remains (somehow) and the newer file comes in with the name appended with (1) as in another copy. You can then modify that file name to elminate the (1) and the file will then open. You don't need to rename the file if not using a key file. You do have to manually delete the old file from the iPad, though.


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