KeePass Filekompatibilität PC/PocketPC

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Ist die Verwendung einer am PC mit Version 1.03 erstellten "Passwords.kdb" am Pocket-Pc (2003se) auf dem die Version 0.2.2 läuft möglich ?
    Beim öffnen der kdb kommt immer "File cannot be opened!"

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I answer in english since this seems the language to be used here.

      I have the same problem. After reading the article in german pc magazine c't 4 weeks ago and the readers comment one issue later stating that there is a PPC version, I instantly downloaded both the W32 version and the PPC version.

      They are not compatible anymore. The statement on the ppc versions web site is WRONG. I tried several versions of KeePass W32. Version 0.94a works with the PPC version, version 1.03 and 1.02 do not work! And if you try to open a database.kdb  file from 1.03 using version 0.94a you get the same all too familiar error message: "File cannot be opened!". Too bad I already entered all my passwords into version 1.03... I'll stick with the W32 version 1.03 and wait for a PPC version that works with it.

      BTW. I already wrote 3 emails to the developer of the ppc version. He didn't answer me yet.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Its me again. The one how wrote the previous post.  :)

      I found a solution. It is... simply use the correct version! I accidently downloaded the "previous version" not the current one. It's easy to mix up the version numbers 0.2.2(1) compared to 0.2.1(2). I've already sent my apologies to Doncho, the developer of the PPC version.


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