Portable and Google Drive

  • blackadder

    blackadder - 2014-03-31

    I've just started using Keypass and have it installed on my home PC and use the android app on my phone and tablet. All these sync with the database stored on Google Drive

    But how does it work using the portable version. It seemed a good idea to put the portable version on a USB and keep it with me.

    How does the portable version access the database on google drive

    thanks in advance

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-03-31

    The portable version works the same way as the installed version. To use, start KeePass from the USB drive and open a "local" copy of your database using File>Open.

    If your Google Drive is not always accessible make a copy of your database, save it on the USB drive and use it as your "local" copy of the password database whenever you run KeePass from the USB drive. When you are able to access your Google Drive, use KeePass Sync (File>Synchronize>Synchronize with File...) to synchronize the copy of your database on your USB drive with your copy on Google Drive.

    You can automate KeePass synchronization using a Synchronization Trigger. An example of good sync method is available at http://keepass.info/help/kb/trigger_examples.html#dbsync.

  • blackadder

    blackadder - 2014-04-01

    I see, I did wonder about that method. Thanks for the advice


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