E K Nasai
  • E K Nasai

    E K Nasai - 2005-09-06

    I just downloaded KeePass but cannot learn how to use it because when I try to access the Help section, I get "This page cannot be displayed" HELP!!

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-09-07

      How are you opening the help file?
      What is your Windows version?
      Have you tried double clicking on KeePass.chm - it should be 110kB?

      cheers, Paul

    • E K Nasai

      E K Nasai - 2005-09-07

      Thank you! After receiving your message I decided to re-download and now everything is ticketypoo. Ta.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am also having a problem with the helpfile. When I open the file from a network drive it show the following message:
      Action canceled. Internet explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable.
      When I copy the same file to a local drive the file can be openen without a problem!
      I am using XP Professional SP1.

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-09-29

      Windows help file reader problem. Not much we can do - except blame Bill!  ;-))

      cheers, Paul

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I did not have this problem with the version 1.02

      • Dominik Reichl

        Dominik Reichl - 2005-09-30

        Then it's most likely a problem of your Windows.

        The only things that have changed in the help file from 1.02 to 1.03 are a few HTML files and 2 graphics, nothing else. Project files, compiler settings, etc. are all the same.

        Best regards

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-10-02

      The Help file is a compiled program which is interpreted by the Windoze help file viewer (hh.exe). It is the viewer that has the problem, not the help file.

      cheers, Paul


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