Autotype - two page login, how to use PICKCHARS on the seccond page only?

  • James

    James - 2012-12-29

    How can I achieve the above, using custom sequence or similar?

    If I use PICKCHARS in a custom sequence, it wants me to pick before I see the second page, I need to invoke PICKCHARS only on the second page.....


  • John

    John - 2012-12-29

    I do this in two stages on a web site where Page 1 asks for Username and Password, and Page 2 needs PICKCHARS.

    I have a single KeePass entry where I define one AutoType sequence for the Username/Password Page 1, and a second AutoType sequence for the PICKCHARS Page 2. (I do not end the sequences with {Enter} as I like to make sure things are OK first).

    When I arrive at the Username/Password Page 1, and I press ctrl/alt/a, KeePass offers me both AutoTypes. I choose the login AutoType, wait for the fields to be filled, then press Enter myself.

    This takes me to Page 2 where I ctrl/alt/a. KeePass again offers me both AutoTypes, and I choose the PICKCHARS AutoType, choose the characters, wait for the fields to be written, then press Enter myself.

    This technique is also useful where a web site asks for Username, Password and XXXX, where XXXX changes each time you logon between memorable name, memorable place, memorable date etc. Or where Page 2 is sometimes memorable date, sometimes memorable place etc. Set up AutoType sequences for each variant, and then choose the correct one according to what you find when you arrive.


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