Does / will KeePass verify underlying URL?

  • JLJ

    JLJ - 2005-09-02

    Newbie to KeePass ans SourceForge forums; searched a bit for this topic, did not find exact match.

    Question is this: KeePass does not seem to verify a match between individual database entries and applicable URL -- the way RoboForm does, eg. Thus, KeePass will auto-type my username/password for Hotmail into my Gmail page, if that's what's open. This is a potential phishing risk.

    Am I missing something, or this function missing, and if so, should I place it as a feature request? JLJ

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-09-03

      Yep, you're missing something. ;-))
      KeePass has two methods of typing:
      1. Highlight the entry in KeePass and select Auto-Type or press Ctrl-V.
      2. Press Ctrl-Alt-A (global hotkey) and KeePass looks for a window title that matches a KeePass entry title. If found, that entry is auto-typed. e.g. Gmail has a title of "Welcome to Gmail". This will match a KeePass entry titled Gmail (or gmail).

      cheers, Paul

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks, but still unclear. Following these steps exactly -- single highlight of KP entry, invoking auto-type, always opens   regardless of which databse entry I select. Can you explicate in more detail?  THX

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-09-04

      If you highlight an entry and select Perform Auto-Type, KeePass will type the username and password. How is it you open a URL?

      Try opening Notepad, bring up KeePass, select an entry and Perform Auto-Type. You should see the text in Notepad.

      cheers, Paul


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