How to test backup database

  • Ant

    Ant - 2014-04-21

    I have MyNewDatabase.kdbx saved on a memory stick and on an external hdd.
    I tried testing a saved backup which was on my external hdd a few months back and when I tried exiting I got a Windows blue screen.
    Did I do something wrong?
    I opened Keepass and looked for the backup on the external hdd, and used that to login to keepass.
    Everything was working until I exited Keepass.
    Should that have happened?
    Could the external hdd have gone into standby and Keepass got confused?
    Is it best to use a usb stick instead when I test it again?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-04-21

    Blue screens are a fatal Windows error, usually caused by hardware errors or major software corruption. KeePass is stable and we've not seen blue screen errors, so it may have been an error on your external disk or some oddity in Windows. Try the test again to establish if it happens only when you use the external disk.

    Your testing is correct and you can also try it on another PC to be sure all is OK. You can copy KeePass.exe to the USB stick to allow you to test without installing anything on the other PC.

    cheers, Paul

  • Ant

    Ant - 2014-04-26

    I tested the memory stick and there were no problems.
    Must have been a one off problem the last time I tried it.


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