Urgent: Composite key invalid after master key updated

  • Thomas Ohms

    Thomas Ohms - 2013-08-15

    Hi there,

    I've had to update my master key because of its age and now I wanted to open my database again, but only receive an error about having an invalid composite key. Could that happen because I forgot to save the database after updating the master key? Is there any chance to recover the key or database (beside backups)?

    I only use a master key, no password and latest version 2.23

    Many thanks for any help

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2013-08-15

    If you somehow failed to save the database after changing the composite Master Key then the database that exists on disk uses the original composite Master Key. When when using a key file, the most likely reasons for the "invalid composite key" message is that you are selecting the wrong key file, or the key file itself has been modified since you selected it as part of the composite Master Key.

    There is no recovery method available, only the correct composite Master Key will open the database. If you don't have recent backups, and you are using Vista or later you may be able to recovery a relatively recent copy of your database using the Windows Previous Versions feature.

  • Thomas Ohms

    Thomas Ohms - 2013-08-16

    Thanks for the hint. But unfortunately I have the key on an USB stick and therefore no recovery is possible. Well, than it seems I have to live with my backup from February :(
    Thanks anyway for trying to help!


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