KeePass and Legal Notice in Windows

  • Ukutys

    Ukutys - 2013-09-27

    Hello all...

    I use visionapp remote desktop connection to connect to our servers. We have many servers that use "Legal Notice text" during logon. It means that when I start the connection, firstly appears window with title "Windows Security" and wait for login. Then I pres CTRL + ALT + A and KeePass will fill the password that I configured in Auto-type tab. Afterwards the "Legal Notice" screen will appear and wait for click (or press enter / spacebar) to OK button. It's already desktop of Windows operating system on remote machine. And here is my issue. I'd try to learn KeePass press the Enter to pass over this screen, but when I set sequence {PASSWORD}{ENTER}{DELAY 2000}{ENTER} it doesn't work. I've tryied to add new sequence with new window title (visionapp) and set {DELAY 2000}{ENTER}, but I was also unsuccessful. Only for sure - the time in DELAY is OK. 2 seconds are enough...

    Can anyone of you help me, please?

    Thanks a lot...

  • A. K.

    A. K. - 2013-09-27

    I think, that title of the second window is different than the first one, and KeePass aborts operation. Try to disable in advanced options "cancel autotype when target window changes".

    Last edit: A. K. 2013-09-27

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