Does Auto-Type Not Work With HTTPS?

  • Howdy_McGee

    Howdy_McGee - 2012-12-26

    Auto-Type works fine on all my Non-HTTPS websites, but I can't get it to work on HTTPS. Is it because said site is Secure or is there something I need to do in my options? For instance, I cannot get it to Auto-Type on either Yahoo! Email or Source Forge and both are HTTPS.

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  • Paul

    Paul - 2012-12-26

    There is no difference between HTTPS and HTTP as far as KeePass is concerned, it's just typing characters.
    When you say it doesn't work what do you mean?
    Have you set a specific target window filter?

    cheers, Paul

  • Howdy_McGee

    Howdy_McGee - 2012-12-26

    When I use my global auto-type it doesn't type in my username or my password, I have to manually copy and paste each. At first I thought that maybe it was because it wasn't "Username, TAB, Password" but it should still type the username since that's the focused box when I use my global auto-type.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2012-12-27

    Global Auto-Type requires that there is a match between the entry in KeePass and the program window you want to type into. See the example in Help.

    cheers, Paul

  • Howdy_McGee

    Howdy_McGee - 2012-12-27

    Ah, gotcha. Very cool - Thanks Paul!

  • develop1

    develop1 - 2012-12-28

    BTW: if your are on a recent version of KP 2.x
    and you have defined a hot key for "autotype selected entry"
    [Which is found in "tools" "options" "integration"]

    then you gain the ability to autotype last record you touched / highlighted WITHOUT needing to configure KP to have windows titles match.

    If you use KP to launch programs and/or websites then this hotkey method is ideal because you know with 100% certainty that last record you used/touched is the correct record for this logon window because you used the KP record to launch the target URL/program.

    The global auto-type is more useful for those that get to a program or URL by other means and want KP to automatically determine/guess which KP record is the one you need now.


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