1 - ctrl+alt+k restores keepass from tray and brings it to focus.

Wouldn't it be nice if the same combination would also minimize it back to tray if it is already the active window?

Also, imho, ESC should minimize keepass to tray (or perhaps terminate it according to the status of "X Closes the main window instead of terminating the application ..." option) rather than locking the workspace. This is because the standardized meaning of ESC in a dialog  is "cancel/close that dialog". If the user has selected the option "Lock workspace before minimizing ..." then keepass should be locked and trayed.

Eg. :

- lets say you press ctrl+alt+k (bring gui to focus),
- select something,
- (oops) lets say you change your mind and you do not want to paste anything then ...
- your mind does naturally to key "esc" (cancel task) which locks the workspace ~~.

2 - imho, it would be better if we had two completely different layouts. "Edit layout" and "Execute layout" or "Big layout" and "Small layout". In "edit layout" menu items, status bar and toolbars would be visible. In "execute layout", menus, toolbars, status bar etc would be invisible.